Like a Virgin: 8 Tips for First Time Colourists print

Like a Virgin: 8 Tips for First Time Colourists

So it’s your first time and you’re a little nervous. It’s okay, we remember what it’s like. Sweaty palms, not sure how it will feel, wondering how your hair will look the next day. But colouring your own hair is simple and once you do it, it’s quite empowering. Why be at the mercy of a salon and expensive prices? It’s time to quiet your at-home hair colour fears and become your own pro with our expert tips:

Pro tip #1. Gather some Pinspiration

If you set up an appointment at a salon, you’d bring hair colour images to show the stylist, right? Colouring your own hair is no different! Before you go into the store, have an idea of what you like. That way you’ll save yourself frustration in the aisle. Collect images of celebs with your similar skin tone and eye colour. Keep in mind, hair colour looks different on everyone. Copper may look good on your favorite actor, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for your complexion.

Pro tip #2. Know your skin tone

Cool skin tones look best in cool hair colours, while warm skin tones look best in warm hair colours. Not sure about your undertone? Read this: Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone: Are you a warm or cool?

Pro tip #3. Be real

It’s your first time, so stick within 2 shades lighter than your current colour. The more dramatic you are with your hair colour (Re: Bleaching it platinum blonde), the harder it is on your hair and the more upkeep it requires. And if you’ve waited this long to colour, we’re guessing these are your top concerns.

Pro tip #4. Make your first a demi or a gloss

Why? Demi-permanent colour is gentler on your virgin hair, plus it washes out after 28 shampoos. If you don’t like it, no biggie! This is one mistake that won’t come back to haunt you. Try this: No Ammonia.

Pro tip #5. Choose wisely

So you’ve narrowed it down to two potential shades. Medium blonde makes your heart flutter, but light blonde is vying for your attention, too. So what’s a girl to do? Celebrity Colourist and Clairol Colour Expert James Corbett says, “Go with the lighter shade, it’s easier to darken hair if you don’t like it then having to lighten a dark colour.” Decisions, decisions!

Pro tip #6. Only fools rush in

Congrats you’ve picked the one! Now before you go too fast, do a strand test. Take a small section from the underside of your hair and colour it. Let it process for the full time on the instructions, rinse and blow dry. Do you like what you see? If you do, then go for the gusto. Read this: Hair on the Side of Caution: How to Do a Strand Test

Pro tip #7. Protect yourself

Apply petroleum jelly to your hairline to prevent hair colour from staining skin. Other supplies you’ll want to always have on-hand: Dark towels, hair clips, wide-toothed comb, a timer and some mood music.

Pro tip #8. Get ready for the morning after

When you’re ready to wash, avoid hot water and clarifying shampoos that can strip hair colour. Instead select a hair care regimen that’s made specifically for colour-treated hair.

Okay, now go get ‘em, Girl! You’ve got this.