Confused About Different Hair Colour Products?


With so many hair colouring product options, it helps to know the language and understand what kind of hair colour is right for your hair colouring needs.


There are multiple product forms of home hair colour, so it’s important to understand what product form is right for you.

Creme/Liquid: Such as nice’n easy permanent and nice’n easy Perfect 10. This formula of hair colour uses an applicator tool to help provide precise colour coverage for either a root touch up application, or all over colouring coverage. Creme hair colour is generally a little thicker in consistency than liquid colour so, while both forms can be applied with a precision tip applicator bottle, creme colourants can also be applied using a brush and bowl. Using a creme hair colour with a brush is often preferred for targeted hair colour applications – like covering up roots or the parting line, but either type of hair colour product can be used.

Foam: Such as nice’n easy Colour Blend Foam. Foam hair colour is simple to use. It’s non drip, no mess, and especially handy for hard-to-reach areas or long, thick hair when you’re applying all over colour. Just apply foam colour in a shampoo-like motion and cover hair completely for lasting results.


Choose your hair colour type based on your desired results and how long you want your colour to last. Different hair colour types can give you different outcomes.

Permanent Hair Colour: If you want to cover greys, lighten your hair or make a change up to 1 to 3 shades from your existing hair colour, permanent hair colour is most likely the best option for you. Permanent colour will change the natural pigment of your hair and lasts longer than non-permanent colour. Also keep in mind that as your hair grows out, you’ll need to colour your roots to match the rest of your hair.

Non-Permanent Hair Colour that lasts up to 24 shampoos: To richly enhance the intensity of your natural colour, blend away greys or if you are colouring your hair for the first time, try a non-permanent product close to your natural hair colour. Non-permanent hair colour that lasts up to 24 shampoos can give your existing colour the subtle enhancement that you’re looking for, without ‘overloading’ colour on top of colour. There’s no ammonia, so it’s easier on your hair than permanent colour. If you’d like to lighten or change your hair colour, then you should opt for nice’n easy permanent hair colour.

Non-Permanent Hair Colour that lasts up to 8 shampoos: These colours are ideal if you’re colouring your hair for the first time – as it gives you no visible roots or long term commitment to the colour result. It’s ideal for enriching your natural hair colour or blending away greys. There’s no ammonia or peroxide, so it’s easier on your hair – depositing colour without lightening or changing your natural colour pigment.