Finding the Perfect Red Shade for You print

Finding the Perfect Red Shade for You

Sound the alarms! There’s a hot new redhead on the loose. From fire engine to ginger, here’s the ultimate guide to finding the perfect red shade for you. Plus, handy application tips…

Let’s talk about your eyes…

  • Firstly, if your eye colour is green, blue or both use a shade that is a red or bright red with warm red-orange tones. Try: nice’n easy in #8WR Natural Golden Auburn.
  • If you have brown eyes, use a dark red violet or red violet hair colour. This is designed to react in a natural way to your hair colour to create a perfect-for-you hue. Bonus, it helps enhance your natural features. Try: nice’n easy in #4.5RB Natural Reddish Brown for this desired effect.

Now your hair…

  • If you have medium to dark brown hair, you will need to select a shade of red that is two levels lighter in order to see the red shade tones within your hair colour. Otherwise, your hair colour will overpower your features. (Hint: a level is essentially a 1 to 10 scale of lightness to darkness. Read the article: Want to achieve your dream shade? Levels and tones can help!)
  • If you have light brown to dark blonde hair and would like to add just a hint of redness to your colour, select a semi-permanent red shade and apply to your highlights or as a glaze to your hair. Try: No Ammonia.
  • If you are blonde and want to go completely red, make sure to start off slowly and strand test a few different shades to determine the best one for you. Then pick your favourite permanent colour. Try: nice’n easy.

Pro application tips…

  • Always apply your red shade on your mid shaft and ends first, process for 20 minutes, then on your roots to avoid fire engine roots! Your virgin hair will soak up colour more quickly and leave your roots redder than the rest of your hair.
  • Use a darker shade of red at your root and then a lighter shade of red from mid shaft to ends to create a natural-looking finish. Try: nice’n easy.
  • Healthy hair will help keep your red hair colour longer, so keep heat styling down to once per week (also helps with fading) and use hair care specifically designed for colour-treated hair!
  • Let your red hair colour process for 5 to 10 minutes longer than listed on the box to add increased vibrancy to your hair.
  • Use a semi-permanent red shade as a colour gloss in between your colourings to give your red shade a boost (about 2 weeks in). Try: No Ammonia.