Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?  We Get to the Bottom of It. print

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun? We Get to the Bottom of It.

Sure, we’ve all heard the old saying, “Blondes have more fun!” But do they really? Here, 5 reasons why yes they actually do (or at least why their colour comes with a few perks) and why you may want to get in on all the action, too...

  • Getting fed up with your current colour? Are you always thinking of changing things up a bit but not sure what shade to choose next? Blonde adds brightness, contrast and energy to your current hair colour.
  • Blonde hair softens up your facial features (sometimes super dark hair is a bit harsh against the complexion and can wash you out if you don’t choose the right shade for your skin tone).
  • It’s a youthful colour choice and really great for women with 50% to 100% greys. You’re already half way to blonde, so might as well (go for it) since it does such a great job of covering greys.
  • Blondes look like they have more hair! It’s an illusion. Lightening can create the illusion of a fuller more abundant texture.
  • If you are looking for a totally refreshing change and dramatic transformation, then blonde is the way to go. You’ll have people doing a double-take wondering if it’s really you!