Stay golden (or platinum) with these pro tips just for ladies with sun-kissed colour.

  • Banish brass. Once a week, replace your colour -treated shampoo with a purple shampoo specifically designed for blondes. It works to prevent colour from getting too brassy by toning your hair with concentrated purple pigments. How does it work? Purple is opposite of yellow on the colour wheel, which means it neutralizes that yellow, orangey brass colour in a snap.
  • Rinse first. Before you go swimming, rinse your hair with fresh water and apply a split end crème from mid-shaft to ends. Once your hair is filled, the cuticle can’t absorb any more water, plus it works as a DIY deep conditioning treatment.
  • Use the golden rule. Light skin tones look best in lighter shades, while darker skin tones look best in darker blonde shades and caramels.
  • Don’t over-lighten. You’ll know if you went too light if your skin starts looking pale and you feel the need to wear more makeup. Switch to a deeper blonde shade. You can also add some deeper brown lowlights to your hair. It’ll add richness and actually make your blonde pieces look lighter.
  • Skip the styling tools. Especially if you’re a blonde! Since hair is fragile, you’ll want to avoid too much heat styling like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Try a cool-girl style instead with natural beach waves.
  • Do a knot test. Tie a strand of hair into a loose knot. If it comes undone, hair is healthy. If hair stays in a knot, then it has been over-processed. Something especially important for platinum blondes to keep in mind.
  • Get glossy. Use a colour gloss once a month to turn dull blonde strands into bright, shiny locks.